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Sanding Belt Hermes CERAMIT CR 456 Z 2000x25mm 60 Grit

Product Benefits
• Highly economical due to low overall grinding costs
• Tough and sharp ceramic grain provides high stock removal rates
and long tool life
• Low grinding temperatures due to the additional Procut coating
• Highly tear-resistant and waterproof Polyester backing with low
elongation provides high belt stability.

• Grinding of all metals, especially corrosion- and acid-resistant
stainless steels, titanium, Ni- and Co-based alloys
• Deburring of sharp-edged castings and stampings out of stainless
steel, tool steel, titanium, nickel and chromiumcobalt- based alloys
on stationary or hand-held grinding machines
• Centreless grinding of tubes, rollers and bars on stationary
grinding machines
• Recommended for dry applications at low grinding pressures


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